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- Fantastic Customer Service​

- Applications (RV, Car, Home, Fence, etc)

​- Easy to use Solar Powered Lights​​​

- Fiberglass or Amumium Poles


"Don't Climb the Ladder Again!"



2.5 Adapter

Three Sizes ​

Customer Service

 that sets FlagPole Buddy  apart!

Reviews & Videos

​​"Don't Climb the Ladder Again"

(Beta) Flag Rings

2.0 Kit Product Review 

Solar Globe

Service Bulletin: We had a bad batch of End Plug Adapters escape our facility..... With no way to trace where they went and if you think you have one........ please call for replacement (858 472-5613). 

Designed specifically for the RV Industry

​​Hitch Mount 

"Golden Ticket"

​​US Patents

  # 7618015 

  # 7789369  

"MEGA" Pulse Light

6 ft of LEDS. Smart Phone Controlled.

Specifically designed for fiberglass flag poles