"Don't Climb the Ladder Again"............ Safest and Easiest RV FlagPole System    

US Patents # 7618015 , 7789369     
      RED, WHITE & BLUE  Solar Beacon


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       Angle Pole in from Ground Level            Available in (3) Sizes:       


How it works (Video)
  "Black Ops"  available for 1.5 & 2.0 mounts.......
~ Holders Capture the Pole in (2) Locations   

~ Prevents Pole from Rubbing on RV 

~ Safely Allows Pole Insertion without Climbing the Ladder ~ Simple One Time Installation of Holders on RV Ladder ~ Holders Adjust to Fit Angled RV Ladders ~ Holders Mount to 1.0” Diameter Ladders................. NOTE (Larger Dia. Ladders with FPB Straps)                       ~ Fiberglass Filled Nylon or Cast Aluminum (1.0 only) ~ Accommodates FPB Pole Top Lighting Systems
~ Superior Support in High Winds

~ Easy to Take Down in High Winds 

~ Adds 4-5 ft to Pole Height ~ Poles Collapse for Easy Storage ~ Can Fly Multiple Flags ~ Can be Mounted to Any Flat Surface ~ No Heavy Mounts to Lug Around ~ Light Weight ~ Stay Safe ~ Made in America


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Message from the President

A few years ago we moved all our tooling from China to the USA.  Investigating the rules of using “Made in America”, we discovered there is a 40 page rule book!  The basic premise to be called Made in America is fairly simple:  A product that is "Made in America" has to be assembled, and most of the cost of making the product incurred, in the United States…. and that’s where things get a little messy. (And that’s why it takes 40 pages explain the rules.)

We meet the current rules but some items are not made in the USA.  Our intent in claiming Made in USA is that we moved the majority of the cost of our product from China and that we design, assemble and test in the USA.  It’s not our intent to mislead anyone that every item we carry is Made in USA.  We are very proud that we moved our main product (patented mounting system) from China, to employ our fellow Americans in San Diego, Ca USA.

I hope this doesn’t deter anyone from using our product.

Christine Jahnz

Back by Customer Request "Big Button Pole".   You asked for it, so we improved the quality and performance.
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