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"Don't Drive Over your Mount"

22 ft Selfie Stick

- Safest Pole Mount Systems made in USA

- Fantastic Customer Service​

- Applications (RV, Car, Home, Fence, etc)

​- Easy to use Solar Powered Lights​​

- Fiberglass or Amumium Poles​​​

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22 ft Pole & 2.0 Mount Kit

RV Ladder Mounts ​

​​"Don't Climb the Ladder Again"

The Tailgater

16 ft Fiberglass Pole & 1.5 Mount Kit

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Suction Mount

"         Happens!" 

it's how you're treated after.... that sets FlagPole Buddy apart!

2.0 Kit Product Review 

12 ft Pole & 1.0 Mount Kit (Black)

Solar Beacon Red, White & Blue

Patent Pending

Under Tire Mount (UTM)

Solar Laser Light