Phone Case

​                       The most secure, customizable cell phone cover ever invented.  
Our Patented, Built-In Finger Holding Rings allows the user to hold phone securely in any environment, without the fear of dropping it.   The Tough Rubber cover can withstand a 25 ft drop, with no damage to phone.  A built-in Credit Card (CC) holder is optional (not an add on).
Our Production 3D Printing allows customers to personalize their phone with (Names, Graphics, Logo, etc)

NOTE: Our "Design Your on Cover" Website is not ready.  Please fill out the FORM below for pricing or email "" for more information.  

Add a Carabiner Clip and it's great for:
- Hiking

- Shopping
- Working around the home
- Night on the Town
- Tailgating
- Selfie’s
- Skate Boarding
- Snow Boarding
- Boating
- Camping

- Chasing kids
- Working Out