- 1.5 Dia. Ladder Mount, works with 1.5" diameter poles (see Pole & Mount Kits).  

Comes in three sizes, (1.0, 1.5 & 2.0)  These sizes represent the Diameter of Flag Pole to used in them .... not the diameter of the ladder.  So each Mount set comes in Black Fiberglass Nylon.  Common mounts for 1 inch diameter ladders (98% of all RV Ladders are 1 inch).   Also includes Stainless Steel Button Head bolts, Nylock Nuts and Allen Wrench.  Made in USA

Suction Mounts:



FlagPole Buddy created another great option for Coaches with out ladders,"Suction Mounts".   The Suction Mount System holds a flagpole firmly to the smooth surface of the Coach.  Each massive 6” suction cup has a built in vacuum pump and the standard FlagPole Buddy mounts.  They’re easy to install, pump has a visual red line to let you know when vacuum is max and release tabs for easy removal.  The rubber cup comes with a plastic protective cover for storage.  

- 2.0 Dia. Ladder Mount, works with 2.0" diameter poles (see Pole & Mount Kits). 


NOTE:  Not recommended for poorly maintained surfaces, or sticker decals. “Red Line” may creep out over night due to thermal changes, vacuum is still good but it is recommended to check periodically.
CAUTION:  RV Paint is not all the same or new paint, which can take months to fully cure, please test the suction cup before longer term use and change location every couple of days.  

- Suction Mount, come in the standard FlagPole Buddy sizes: 

1.0” dia. (Fits FPB 12’ pole)

1.5” dia (Fits FPB 16’ pole) 

2.0” dia. (Fits FPB 22’ pole)    

- 1.0 Dia. Ladder Mount, works with 1.0" diameter poles (see Pole & Mount Kits).  also comes in Cast Aluminum