Our Beacons flash Red, White and Blue and can be seen for Miles away, it charges by day and lights all night.   Works in combination with Solar Flag Light not included.

MEGA Pulse Light is 6 feet tall and has 120 Motion functions controlled through your smartphone - Both IOS and Android Apps available.  Including chasing patriot, static patriot, strobe, pong, and much more.    Easy to wire connections to 12 volt system or 110v optional.


Solar Beacons:

Solar Flag Light:

All of our Pole Top Lights fit all of our poles  

The ONLY  5 Foot "WHIP" on the market that can syncrhonize with your UTVs and RV pole Lights (MEGA Pulse Light).   App control that works on both Apple IOS and AndroidLight has infinite colors with Preset Motion functions, including Chasing, Static, Strobe, Pong, and customize to much more.  
Separate Wire connection so no more hassle with dirt in the disconnect.

Note: Whip Light does not fit on flag pole


The ONLY solar light to come with the additional components to fit your fiberglass pole.

Our Solar Flag Light conforms to the US Flag Code, which states that the US Flag must be lit at night or taken down.   It fits most Aluminum and fiberglass flagpoles.  Works great in combination with our other solar lights (sold separately).


3AA 1.2 V 200MAH Batteries

"MEGA" Pulse Light