In 1991 we bought our 1st RV to escape the dessert winds while camping...  As the number RV Friends grew, it got frustrating finding each other on short weekends.  We would put up signs and flags to signify our camps location.  Time is precious on weekend trips, putting up the flag could be very time consuming and it seemed to blow down often.  Over the years we tried all types of flagpole mounting methods (single mount, under tire, hitch, zip ties, bungy cord), some were good but they all had draw backs that took up precious weekend time.  Some were not safe to remove in high winds.

During a weekend camp and after a few beers.....I had an epiphany!!!!   The best design was to hold the flag pole in two places far apart but getting to the upper holder was the problem.  Climbing the RV ladder is hazardous at any time but try it while holding a 22 ft flagpole and more dangerous when the wind kicks ups, then add alcohol in the mix.  I remembered when I was a kid my GI Joe doll could hold gun and stuff with out closing hands........ I soon realized that I could form a complete circle from the vertical view but still grasp a pole without closing my hand...... so, I made a few prototypes.   We would race setting up camp with our RV friends and we would win, as our flag was so easy to put up!!!   I made a few prototypes for our friends and Christine convince me to patent the idea, it took many years and lots of $$$.  

In 2004 we tooled up in China and started selling out of our garage.   Our vacations from corporate life were traveling all over the US doing RV shows.  There were many shows where we sold nothing.   In 2008 Christine quit her corporate job to run FlagPole Buddy from home/garage.   In 2010 we tried out for Shark Tank couple of times, but only making it to the 3rd round of interviews.  Our big break came in 2011 at an RV Show in Hershey Pennsylvania.  

Christine was doing the show alone, this man in plain cloths came by and saw her demonstrating the Flagpole Buddy.   He said "I want this in my stores"!   After hearing lots of people say they can do great things with our little product, I was skeptical.   Christine called me and I looked him up online..... I asked her what he looked like?   The man was the CEO of Camping World,  I quickly sent product to the buyer.   After a few weeks I call the buyer, she said "they are not taking on new products and consolidating their supplier base, so try again next year."  Denied again Ugh!!   I wrote a nice email to the "man" politely explaining his stores responce, then thanked him for liking our product and trying to get us into his store.   The very next day we got a call from the buyer and an order for product to go into every one of his 100 plus stores.   The "man" was Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World and star of NBC's "The Profit" television reality show.  Camping World and our excellent customer service has put us "on the map".   In 2013 we moved out of our garage. In 2015 I quit my corporate job to work FlagPole Buddy with Christine.

We thank every customer and the friends that we have made on this journey and look forward to the new customers and friends in the years to come. Dave & Christine

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