(UTM) UNDER TIRE MOUNT is new to the line of great Flagpole Buddy products.  It's the only under tire flagpole holding system that is installed after parking the vehicle (No Driving Over)!  The UTM's "V" shape fits small car tires to Class A RV tires.  The pole tubes are removable for easy storage.  It's super sturdy (⅛" steel), comes in durable "Screaming Yellow" powder coat.

The UTM comes in (3) models:

- UTM-Single ......... Single Pole,  6 Degree Angle Pole Tube keeps the poles away from top of tall RVs

UTM-Tri ................ (3) Pole Tubes, angled tubes keep flags from tangling, display (6) flags from one tire, potentail of 24 flags per vehicle


- 22' Fiberglass Poles

- 16' Aluminum Poles

Note: Damping O-Rings are supplied with Fiberglass Pole Kits