- Tube Lube , Lubricant for Suction Cup Mount. If you own a set or a single suction cup mount, this lube can help keep the pump operating at maximum vacuum.

Tube Lube:

- Adapter/Stem/Chrome Ball Mount Kit for Fiberglass Poles , If you have a non-FlagPole Buddy flag light and want to install it on a Fiberglass Flag Pole, this Kit is for you.
Kit includes:
- (1) End of Pole Adapter with 1/2-13 tpi internal threads
- (1) Threaded Stem 1/2 -13 tpi
- (1) Chrome Ball Mount 

Fiberglass Pole Adapter, Thread in any FlagPole Buddy Light or Pole Topper with 1/2" - 13 tpi threads

(Beta) Flag Rings:

- 110v Power Adapter for Pulse Lights, plug your Pulse Light II and Mega into a standard A/C power outlet  

- Soft Foam Liners, For some applications extra lining is need to keep the poles snug.

Lance Straps:

End Plug Adapter:


Flag Clips for 12' Aluminum Pole:

Flag Light Accessory Kit

Pole Pins:


Pole Pin:

- Lance Straps , Lance Campers have a larger than normal diameter Ladder.  Our Straps allow the FPB Mounts to attach to the larger Lance Ladder. 

- Spring Clips, for our 12ft aluminum pole

110v Adapter:

Flush Mt Kit:

Flat Surface Mount, Mount FPB to any flat surface with double face tape and self drilling/taping pan head screws.  Use your current Flagpole Buddy mounts by adding tape to the flat surfaces of the "Teeth" part.   The remaining part (the part that clamshells around the ladder) is not used.   NOTE: Mounts Sold Separately 

- Gold Ball Topper , Aluminum Ball Topper (½" - 13 tpi) thread, anodized Gold to reduce fading

Gold Ball Topper

- (Beta) Flag Clips,  Up graded version of the OEM Flag Rings for Fiberglass Pole.  Now in two larger sizes to fly up to four flags.  Beta refers to early release to the public before final testing is complete. These Rings come in RED to signify Beta.

Sleep Babies:

- Fiberglass Replacement Pin - one each, replace OEM pin for fiberglass poles with Snap Pins 

- Fiberglass Pins, OEM pins for fiberglass poles