- (Beta) Flag Clips,  Up graded version of the OEM Flag Rings for Fiberglass Pole.  Now larger size to fly 3 flags.  Beta refers to early release to the public before final testing is complete. These Rings come in RED to signify Beta.

Replace the original Black Rings or add extra rings with stronger (Beta) Rings by FlagPole Buddy.  

- 4 Rings to fly Two flags
- 6 Rings to fly Three flags

(Beta) Flag Rings

 NOTE: (Beta) Rings may have some surface imperfections that should not affect function and colors may change without notice.

Fly up to (3) Flags with FlagPole Buddy (Beta) Flag Rings

(Beta) Rings are numbered 1-4.  #1 being the smallest and #4 being the largest

(Beta) Rings are the same size as the Original Black Flag Rings for Fiberglass Pole

 #1  =   .811"                        #2  =   .912"                       #3  = 1.059"                        #4  = 1.202"

NOTE: Red Beta Rings do NOT fit 12' aluminum pole or 22' X-treme pole


(Beta) Rings function the same as the Black Rings that come with fiberglass flag poles...... but are engineered stronger.  These rings are 3D Printed in Red to identify that they are still in Beta Testing phase.  ​​

(Beta) Rings are made in (2) piece verses the (3) piece Original Black Flag Rings 

Made in USA

  2 Ring Clip for each Flag