Our Beacons flash Red, White and Blue and can be seen for Miles away, it charges by day and lights all night.   

Our 6 inch multi-color Globe charges by day and light all night.  It softly transtiions from Red to Green to Blue and all the mixing colors between. 

Solar Laser Light:

Solar Flag Lights:

Solar Globe:

First ever Solar Powered Laser Light.  The laser charges by day, turns on automatically at dusk.  The laser spreads out 100's of Red Spots, some go through the Flag and other shine on the ground.  It's a fun camping experience as the Spots moves as the wind blows.

Our Flag Lights keep the flag lit all night.  They come in (2) models with the extra components that you can only get from FPB, that make them useable with our Aluminum of Fiberglass flagpoles.  Works with our other of our lights can be used in conjunction, sold separately.  Gray Model charges better in cloudy weather. 

Solar Beacons:

All of our Pole Top Lights are Solar Powered (no wires) and fit all of our poles

​Solar ​Lights