Under Tire



- 1.0 Ladder Mount, works with 1.0" diameter poles (see Pole & Mount Kits).  also comes in Cast Aluminum

For vehicles without a ladder... we created a mount that allows you to put up a Flag Pole without moving your vehicle.    The Patent Pending "V" shape slides neatly under the tire while parked.   The Mount Tube Screws on/off he platform for easy storage.  All (3) configurations fit either our 22 ft and 16 ft Fiberglass and our 16 ft Aluminum Poles (see Pole & Mount Kits).   Made in USA

  • Ladder Mounts
  • Under Tire Mount
  • Suction Mount

- UTM 6 Degree Mount, Works with small passenger cars, large truck tires (35") and RV (22"). Single UTM the 10 degrees tube leans the pole out away for the top of  Class A motorhome.  The UTM 6 Degree eliminates the pole bending agains the RV

- 2.0 Ladder Mount, works with 2.0" diameter poles (see Pole & Mount Kits). 

Comes in three sizes, (1.0, 1.5 & 2.0)  These sizes represent the Diameter of Flag Pole to used in them .... not the diameter of the ladder.  So each Mount set comes in Black Fiberglass Nylon.  Common mounts for 1 inch diameter ladders (98% of all RV Ladders are 1 inch).   Also includes Stainless Steel Button Head bolts, Nylock Nuts and Allen Wrench.  Made in USA

- UTM Tri Pole Mount, allows three poles to be installed under one tire.  Visually stunning with one pole in the middle and two angling out on each side.  Fly (24) 3'x5' flags off one vehicle with ease.      

FlagPole Buddy created an other great option for Coaches with out ladders, the "Suction Mount".   The Suction Mount System holds a flagpole firmly to the smooth surface of the Coach.  Each massive 6” suction cup has a built in vacuum pump and the standard FlagPole Buddy mounts.  They’re easy to install, as the push button pump has a visual red line to let you know when vacuum is secure and release tabs for easy removal.  The rubber cup comes with a plastic protective cover for storage.  

- Suction Mount, come in the standard FlagPole Buddy sizes: 

1.0” diameter (accommodates 12’ pole)

1.5” diameter (accommodates 16’ pole) 

2.0” diameter (accommodates 22’ pole)    

- 1.5 Ladder Mount, works with 1.5" diameter poles (see Pole & Mount Kits).  

Suction Mounts: