- Stem & Chrome Ball, light weight theaded Chrome Ball & Stem screws into FlagPole Buddy Adapter or ½" 13 tpi pole top, for use with non-FlagPole Buddy Solar Lights.  

(Adapter not included.)

- Fiberglass Pole Rings, OEM for 22' and 16' fiberglass poles 

The 12 ft aluminum pole is made in USA, other poles made in China

Stem & Chrome Ball



- Spring Clips, Replacement Clips for 12ft pole

Flag Clips:

Flush Mt Kit:

Sleep Babies:

- Fiberglass Pins, OEM pins for fiberglass poles

WiFi Extender:

- BlueTooth Selfie Pole, Selfie Stick that mounts on a 16ft to 22ft pole.  Take photos or video of your campsite

Fiberglass Pole Adapter, Thread in any FlagPole Buddy Light or Pole Topper with 1/2" - 13 tpi threads

- WiFi Extender - Extend your wifi by having an antenna high above the RV.  The Alfa Camp Pro is the perfect fit and easy to mount using the FlagPole Buddy 12 Pole and 1.0 Mounts

- Soft Foam Liners, For some applications extra lining is need to keep the poles snug.

Pole Pins:


Pole Pin:

Flat Surface Mount, Mount FPB to any flat surface with double face tape and self drilling/taping pan head screws.  Use your current Flagpole Buddy mounts by adding tape to the flat surfaces of the "Teeth" part.   The remaining part (the part that clamshells around the ladder) is not used.   NOTE: Mounts Sold Separately 

Selfie Pole:

- Fiberglass Replacement Pin - one each, replace OEM pin for fiberglass poles with Snap Pins