"Don't Climb the Ladder Again"............ Safest and Easiest RV FlagPole System    

US Patents # 7618015 , 7789369

        Angle Pole in from Ground Level            Available in (3) Sizes:       




~ Holders Capture the Pole in (2) Locations                                      ~ Superior Support in High Winds
~ Prevents Pole from Rubbing on RV ~ Easy to Take Down in High Winds 
~ Safely Allows Pole Insertion without Climbing the Ladder ~ Adds 4-5 ft to Pole Height
~ Simple One Time Installation of Holders on RV Ladder ~ Poles Collapse for Easy Storage ~ Holders Adjust to Fit Angled RV Ladders ~ Can Fly Multiple Flags ~ Holders Mount to 1.0” Diameter Ladders.................NOTE (Larger Dia. Ladders with FPB Straps)
~ Fiberglass Filled Nylon or Cast Aluminum (1.0 only) ~ Light Weight
~ Accommodates FPB Pole Top Lighting Systems ~ Can be Mounted to Any Flat Surface
~ No Heavy Mounts to Lug Around ~ Stay Safe

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